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Does Java have the equivalent of @synthesize in Objective-C?
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I have recently started learning Objective-C and is a bit confused about its syntax. I come with a solid background on Java and C++.

What i want to know that is @synthesize equivalent to an instance variable in Java.

Suppose we have the following code:


#import "Super.h"

@interface Example : Super
@property (nonatomic) int var;


#import "Example.h"
@interface Example()
@implementation Example

@synthesize var = _var;

- (int)var
{ return _var; }

- (void) setvar:(int)aa
{ _var = aa; }

I believe that instead of using @synthesize we could also create an instance variable like e.g. value which can do the same job as _var. So what can be the difference or benefit in using @synthesize. Thanks!

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