I'm trying to get the content from a website, that uses "onClick" instead of "href" in hyperlinks, so the url is always the same, despite of the page you are seeing.


This is the website, and the content i'm trying to get is inside "Alimentação" > "Estudantes".

<a href="#" onclick="return go('','4;02');" title="Estudantes">Estudantes</a>

Is this possible with Jsoup?

  • Urgh - a whole website of inline onClicks? Anyway, no, that's going to be might hard, unless you understand what those go() function calls mean and can somehow parse them and convert them into actual URIs. – Utkanos Jul 26 '12 at 17:20
Jsoup.connect(url).data("nav", "index@4;02", "opt", "4;02", "chvP", "127").post();

You can get the value of onclick with jsoup


Just replace the line

String linkHref = link.attr("href"); with this String handler = link.attr("onclick");

However after that there is no way to construct the URL unless you can somehow map the magic number to 4,02

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