I am working with MVC 3, Razor and Entity Framework. I am making a blog using MVC 3, so on the blog there are many posts. On the homepage I am showing for now say 10 posts.

I am using the following code to display posts.

 <h1 class="postTitle">@Html.ActionLink(post.PostTitle, "SinglePost", "Post", new { postID = post.PostID}, null)</h1>

 <div class="postDateTime"><b>Posted on :</b> @post.PostDateTime</div>
 @if(post.PostContent.Length > 500)
     <span>@post.PostContent.Substring(0, 500) [Read More...]</span>

 <hr class="postSeparator"/>

I am a little confused as to how to implement paging for this, or better something like this implemented at SO. Please guide me on this fellas.

enter image description here


The key point is to use Skip() and Take() LINQ methods when querying your model:


int page;
int pageSize;
var postsToDisplay =db.Posts.Where(x => x.Tag == "EF")
                            .Skip((page -1) * pageSize)

You should place this in a ViewModel, and then use View which is strongly typed to your ViewModel.

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You could try something like PagedList

Check out the Readme, it has a good example of what you're trying to do. It's also available on Nuget

Once you get paging working, you can style the pager to look like SO.

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