I have a rails server and a backend. Is it possible to send a push message using my rails server to both iPhone and android app?

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Yes, it is possible. Here are gems that I used recently in my projects: Android push service and Apple push service

They are well documented so you should not face big troubles about setup.

  • I don't acyually know about Heroku, but it works under Rails 3.2.x in my project hosted on Linode.
    – bor1s
    Commented Jul 26, 2012 at 8:05

I created a gem in order to create a central push notifications, it supports iOS and Android at the moment, but i will add more platforms.

Maybe this will help you

here is the link: https://github.com/NicosKaralis/pushmeup


Try using grocer gem for ios push notifications. Thats pretty easy to setup and get going.


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