Has anyone ever come across this? I've never seen it before. I know there is a *.lic" file in my bin for some web charting software.

I did a publish, copied to dev server and then suddenly boom, get this error on every page.

Any ideas? I've cleared out temp asp.net files and restarted IIS.


wow, I'm thinking this might be the TumbleWeed badge.

Add this to your web.config:

                <remove extension=".lic"/>
                <add extension=".lic" type="System.Web.Compilation.ForceCopyBuildProvider"/>
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The problem was the NETWORK SERVICE lost it's permission to the bin directory.

I was getting same error and tried giving full rights to "Everyone" on bin folder but didn't solve problem. I was using VS2010 on windows 7. Running visual studio as administrator solved my problem.

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