Editing files with VIM I can easily copy & paste the name ( or the full path ) of the file I'm working on ( to understand what I mean about VIM you can see: this question or wiki );

Is there an equivalent solution by using Notepad++ ?, how can I do?


Notepad++ has no default shortcut to do that, but:

open menu: "Edit" (Alt-E) then select: "Copy to clipboard" and you have different options to copy the fully qualified file name for current document or parts of it.

See this wiki for exhaustive reference.


Another solution is to right-click on the tab, which will let you get the file name/path from there. However, I have tabs disabled, so I have to go with Franco's solution.


There is no default shortcut key to copy file name or path but you can create one.

Go to Settings->Shortcut mapper scroll down and look for "Current File path to Clipboard" click on the empty cell next to it and provide the shortcut of your choice.

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