I'm working with an InstallShield basic MSI installer which has another MSI chained into it as well as a custom action.

Installing our application as an administrator works great, the MSI runs, launches our custom action as well as the chained MSI. However if you run it as a non administrative user on Windows 7 you get two UAC elevation prompts (one for the original execution and one for the chained MSI) but the custom action is failing presumably due to a lack of elevation.

I'd like to stop the installer running if the user is not an administrator (we have control over the software environment so I can assume the administrator has UAC off) or ensure this custom action prompts the user for elevation (again) before running.

I've added a condition of "AdminUser" in the general information section using the InstallShield tool (as below) but a non admin user in Windows 7 doesn't get the warning and can install the application. Install Conditions

Is there something I'm missing here?


Yes. For what you're trying to do, you'd need to set the MSIUSEREALADMINDETECTION property. However I would suggest instead just signing both of your .msi files with the same certificate, as in that case Windows Installer will not issue the second UAC prompt.

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