In linux shell, When I run

ls -al -t

that show the time of files.

How to cp/rm files by time? just like copy all the files that created today or yesterday. Thanks a lot.

  • check out this stackoverflow.com/q/11448885/1007273 should be helpful Jul 27 '12 at 9:21
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    @herbertD : Note that the time your ls shows is the modification time, not the creation time. Look at the find command, in particular to the options -mtime and -newer. Feb 17 '20 at 12:53

Depending on what you actually want to do, find provides -[acm]time options for finding files by accessed, created or modified dates, along with -newer and -min. You can combine them with -exec to copy, delete, or whatever you want to do. For example:

find -maxdepth 1 -mtime +1 -type f -exec cp '{}' backup \;

Will copy all the regular files in the current directory more than 1 day old to the directory backup (assuming the directory backup exists).


Simple Example

find /path/to/folder/ -mtime 1 -exec rm {} \; // Deletes all Files modified yesterday

For more examples google for bash find time or take a look here

  • Thanks! I use find * -mtime 0 to get today's file.
    – herbertD
    Jul 27 '12 at 10:24

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