I am very much a newbie on WSO2, I am busy doing some proof of concept work. I seem to have a problem going through the samples in developer studio, I am sure its an easy fix but I cant find the problematic jars anywhere it seems.

I have setup the Account Service Example but the project cannot find any of the wso2 jars required (which I find a little odd). axiom-1.2.9-wso2v1.jar is an example.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

thanks Paul

  • Is there a .pom file generated for the project? – Adrian Mitev Jul 27 '12 at 13:19
  • All the required information/instructions are included in the README file of the sample. – Harshana Martin Aug 4 '12 at 3:52

You have to build account service sample using maven to download dependencies

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