How can I set custom version of IExpress output file. I found this article and everything except File version is working fine. Whatever I try I can't seem to set custom file version. It looks like IExpress is ignoring FileVersion setting in SED file and always uses the version of wextract.exe. I have a IExpress version 9 installed.

There are actually two different file version numbers: the binary version number (stored as FILEVERSION in the resource) and the string version (stored in the StringFileInfo block as FileVersion). It seems that IExpress only changes the string version, not the binary version.

(As usual, MSDN has all the gory details on the VERSIONINFO resource if you're interested.)

You might have some luck with a version-changing utility. There are several good answers on this question about changing version numbers.

I tried one called StampVer and it seemed to do the trick.

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