Is it safe to use Microsoft specific _msize() function with new []?


  int* i = new int[100];      
  size_t s = _msize(i);    
  cout << "Size of the array in bytes: " << s << endl;
  delete [] i;

MSDN does describe just the usage with malloc & Co.

I've tested the code with Visual Studio 2010, and it looks to work! But i would like to know if there are some expected issues or any special cases?

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There could be a problem if someone overrides operator new for your type.

It is just as easy to write

const size_t s = 100;
int* i = new int[s];

or, if you really write C++

std::vector<int>   i(100);

Will works correct if and only if operator new[] is realized by malloc & Co.

The _msize function returns the size, in bytes, of the memory block allocated by a call to calloc, malloc, or realloc.

So if operator new is implemented by malloc(), it will work. Otherwise, or if operator new gets overridden, you will have trouble.

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