I am trying to use c# webbrowser control to view mobile version of twitter. I have a button in my windows form which is meant to log me out of the site but i cannot get it to work.

here is the immediate html code:

span class="w-button-common w-button"> input name="commit" type="submit" value="Sign out" /

i have tried:


but there are a few buttons with type="submit" on the page.

How do i get it to click the right one?

if you would like me to provide the full source of the page then please ask :)

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In the past I used the WebBrowser control to interact directly with the DOM using javascript calls like this:

browser.Navigate(string.Format(@"javascript:void({0})", jsAction));

Of course I know you already did something like this with InvokeMemeber() but since I have no further experience with the WebBrowser interface I can just talk about what I've said before. Using javascript I could achieve any result a real user could. With the method I described you may try, in a javascript context, to enumerate the controls you are trying to address and then call the .click function.

  • Thanks for the answer, unfortunately I know no JavaScript at all so can't do it using js Jul 27, 2012 at 19:29

Mhh try it with the normal click Methode.

Get a HtmlElementCollection with

HtmlElementCollection collection = webBrowser1.Document.getElementsByTagName("select");

Look through it in Debug Mode, until you know which one is your button.

Than perform the click with:

collection[x(whereever your button is)].InvokeMember("click"); 

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