I would like to add a cell array of images together using imadd, but imadd only takes two arguments. Is there a reduce function in MATLAB which I could use add all of these images together without writing a for loop?

images = {im1, im2, im3};
sum = reduce(@imadd, images);

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You could just use an array with an extra dimension. E.g. for 2-d (grayscale images)

images = {im1, im2, im3};
imarr = cat(3, images{:});
imsum = sum(imarr, 3);

Of course there's no need to create the cell array in the first place; you could go straight to

imarr = cat(3, im1, im2, im3);
imsum = sum(imarr, 3);

or even

imsum = sum(cat(ndims(im1)+1, im1, im2, im3),ndims(im1)+1);

which also more generally combines any dimensional matrices.


Since you are using the Image Processing Toolbox, the IMLINCOMB function (linear combination of images) can also be used, just give all coefficients as one:

imsum = imlincomb(1,im1, 1,im2, 1,im3)

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