I'm having trouble implementing a dropbox backup to my app. I wan't the every next backup to overwrite previous one.

I tried this first:

newEntry = mDBApi.putFile("/file.bak", inputStream, file.length(), null, null);

It was creating test.bak and then test.bak(1) test.bak(2) and so on...

then I tried to save the revision id of the first file, and then pass it to every upload.

newEntry = mDBApi.putFile("/file.bak", inputStream, file.length(), revision, null);

I get file.bak and then file.bak (conflicted copy.... ) and so on

What am I doing wrong? Dropbox documentation says that the conflicted copy appears when 2 users try to upload the same file on the same time, but it's not happening right here

EDIT: I can workaround it by deleting file 1st, but that doesn't sound too proffesional


Just take a look at the Dropbox API.

It provides a method for overwriting an existing file (with the same filename): putFileOverwrite

Or, if you want to be able to cancel the upload, create a putFileOverwriteRequest and kick it off by calling upload().

  • which class's object mDBApi is ? – Lucifer Sep 7 '14 at 9:54

Try this:

      try {
            DropboxAPI.Entry newEntry = mDBApi.putFileOverwrite("/file.bak", inputStream, file.length(), null);
        } catch (DropboxUnlinkedException e) {
            Log.e("DbExampleLog", "User has unlinked.");
        } catch (DropboxException e) {
            Log.e("DbExampleLog", "Something went wrong while uploading.");

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