The following lines are present in the file. I would like to extract multiple data from this file.

Number of current user build lists: 23

  • 'RevisionBuild' Run time (in minutes) = 8.40

[Build] RC = 0

I used the following regex to retrieve the value 23 from this file

<ac:for param="line" list="${logFileContent}" delimiter="${line.separator}">
<propertyregex property="noOfBuildlists"
     regexp="(.*)Number of current user build lists: (.*)$"

But the same regex does not fetch any value when i try to fetch the other lines such as regexp="(.)[revBuild] RC = (.)$" or regexp="(.)'RevisionBuild' Run time (in minutes) = (.)$" where the extracted values should be 0 and 8.40 respectively.

Can someone please help? Thanks, Aarthi


I think this is what you are interested in. On an input file like below

Number of current user build lists: 23
'RevisionBuild' Run time (in minutes) = 8.40
[Build] RC = 0

when I execute below target

<project name="BuildModule" basedir="." default="extract.nums">
    <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml" />
    <property environment="env" />
    <loadfile property="file" srcfile="${basedir}/inputLog.log"/>
    <target name="extract.nums">
        <for param="line" delimiter="${line.separator}" list="${file}">
                <propertyregex property="noOfBuildlists" input="@{line}" regexp="Number of current user build lists:\s*([0-9]+)$" select="\1" />
                <propertyregex property="revisionBuild" input="@{line}" regexp="'RevisionBuild' Run time\s*\(in minutes\)\s*=\s*([0-9\.]+)$" select="\1" />
                <propertyregex property="rcBuild" input="@{line}" regexp="\[Build\] RC\s*\=\s*([0-9]+)$" select="\1" />
        <echo message="Current user build : ${noOfBuildlists}" />
        <echo message="Revision Build : ${revisionBuild}" />
        <echo message="RC Build : ${rcBuild}" />

I get below output.

[echo] Current user build : 23
[echo] Revision Build : 8.40
[echo] RC Build : 0
  • Thanks a ton. This works very well. Can you please explain the usage of \s*. I notice that you use this regex everytime there is a space followed by a special character(such as ( or ) or = – user1384205 Jul 30 '12 at 10:06
  • \s represents whitespace character and \s* means zero or more occurrences for whitespace characters. This will make expression more robust and match even if there are more spaces or if there are none. – Vaman Kulkarni Jul 30 '12 at 10:17
  • Thanks again Vaman. So in order to search a string "Does this buildlist need compile: true", I tried the following regex Does this buildlist need compile:\s*([r-t]+)$ However the regex does not work. – user1384205 Jul 30 '12 at 10:59
  • The reason your regex fails is [r-t]+ means it will match characters between r and t i.e rst. You could use regex like this Does this buildlist need compile:\s*(true|false)$ – Vaman Kulkarni Jul 30 '12 at 11:15
  • HI Vaman, Thanks again. My case is that I should count the number of occurances of the line "Does this buildlist need compile: true" in the file. I have opened another chain here stackoverflow.com/questions/11732509/… Please help. Thanks Aarthi – user1384205 Jul 31 '12 at 3:56

When I use propertyregex, it prompt an error if doesn't support the nested "condition" element. There are many nested "condition" element in my {android.sdk.air}/tools/ant/build.xml. So I tried to find a solution that standard Ant can present. I made it.

Try This:

    srcFile="your/file/path" >
                    pattern="Number of current user build lists:\s*([0-9]+)$"
                    replace="\1" />

<echo message="DEBUG LOG: property.for.your.string = ${property.for.your.string}" />

It makes me wonder why ant name the attribute as "replace", which leads to my misunderstanding.

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