I need to build dmg installer of a mac app. I heard that can make it through apple script. Can anybody help how this can be done easily. Also I am not aware of Apple Script.

Thanks in advance

  • Please do at least one web search on 'Create dmg installer for mac' before asking a question. Thanks – Warren Burton Jul 30 '12 at 10:36

Use hdiutil command for creating dmg.

hdiutil uses the DiskImages framework to manipulate disk images. Common verbs include attach, detach, verify, create, convert, compact, and burn.

hdiutil create -ov -srcfolder source applicationName.dmg  

Take a look at How do I create a nice-looking DMG for Mac OS X using command-line tools?

  • Hi, I have did this yesterday. Actually what I want was to make package of Mac application. While googling I found about Apple's Package Maker tool. But I am confused about the scripts to be used with it. Do we need to write any scripts to get the look of wizard. I need to give different sections in the installer, like license, system authentication(not sure), etc. Then the installation should proceed step by step. How this can be done? – sree_iphonedev Jul 31 '12 at 6:21

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