I'm pushing a large file to git, but have a very slow connection. What is the safest way to terminate this push (mid-push), and resume it when I have a better connection?


Killing the client (Ctrl+C or any other method) won't cause the data on the server to be corrupted, if that's what you mean by "safe". The server doesn't update anything until all the blobs are transferred successfully, then it updates the refs to point to the new blobs.

Git doesn't have any facilities to resume an interrupted transfer though, so you'll probably have to transfer the big blob again when you have a faster connection.


I believe git push is atomic, meaning that if you just Ctrl-C out of the operation, the remote repository will be in its original state, prior to the push. This also means that, when you do the push again, it will be starting over from the beginning. But it doesn't sound like that's necessarily a problem for you.

  • what about If I want it to compete pushing from the stopped point ?! like pause button – Astm May 28 '18 at 11:41

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