I'm debugging a server process running in Eclipse 3.4.1. There are 20 threads or so, waking up at various interval after sleeping.

I set a breakpoint in one method on one thread, and Eclipse stops there properly. The thread is expanded with a stack trace in the Debug view, and I can use the various buttons to step through. This is all what I expect.

My problem is that it seems like when another running thread wakes up while I am stepping through, it steals the focus in the Debug view. My suspended thread is not selected or expanded anymore (it has a + next to it) and all the buttons are disabled. I have to click back on the suspended thread to continue debugging.

Has anyone seen this before and know any workarounds or settings I could change?


If the above does not help you can always disable all your breakpoints once you are debugging where you want to be.

In the Breakpoints view: Ctrl-A, Right click -> Disable

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You could suspend the entire Java VM not only the executing thread to get rid of the focus problems.

Select a breakpoint in the breakpoints view and choose "Suspend VM" instead of "Suspend Thread". Under Preferences->Java->Debug you can make "Suspend VM" the default option.

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I have had the same problem when debugging Play!Framework 2 applications. What seems to have finally solved it is to uncheck Java -> Monitors in the debug perspective/thread view panel context menu.

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  • Seems the positive effect didn't last, I'm back with the suspended thread losing focus :-( – Nils Weinander Dec 17 '13 at 12:48
  • Same here, lasts for a little while (longer) until something kicks it out again. – cklab Jul 27 '14 at 0:49

Could you use the option to stop all threads at the breakpoint?

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Not sure if this will work (haven't got an Eclipse install to hand to confirm), but there's a debug option that you could try.

Under Run/Debug in the Preferences, there's an option called (something like) Activate debug view when a breakpoint is hit. If you uncheck that option Eclipse won't jump the focus to the debug view. It might also stop individual threads stealing the focus.

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