I've installed delayed_job for use with ActiveMailer so I can send bulk emails as a background job. The problem is that although jobs are being installed into the database in the delayed_jobs table when the workers pickup up the job no emails are executed.

The details are:

  • Rails version 3.2.2
  • delayed_job 3.0.3
  • delayed_job_active_record 0.3.2

Email jobs are placed onto the queue via a call, as recommended in Delayed_Job Documentation for ActiveMailer, with

MemberMailer.delay.all_member_email(m, @message)

which is a controller called email_list_controller designed to accept a message for sending to one or many members of the site. After execution the logfile indicates a SQL INSERT into the delayed_jobs table as show:

SQL (0.2ms)  INSERT INTO `delayed_jobs` (`attempts`, `created_at`, `failed_at`, `handler`, `last_error`, `locked_at`, `locked_by`, `priority`, `queue`, `run_at`, `updated_at`) VALUES (0, '2012-07-30 11:42:47', NULL, '--- !ruby/object:Delayed::PerformableMailer\nobject: !ruby/class \'MemberMailer\'\nmethod_name: :all_member_email\nargs:\n- !ruby/ActiveRecord:Member\n attributes:\n id: \n family_id: \n title: \n first_name: FirstName\n last_name: LastName\n middle_initial: \n dob: \n gender: \n home_phone: \n work_phone: \n fax: \n mobile: \n email: grantsayer@gmail.com\n user_id: \n boat_event_id: \n ayf: \n guardian: \n consent: \n created_at: \n updated_at: \n- !ruby/ActiveRecord:Message\n attributes:\n id: 1\n subject: ! \'[IGNORE] - Testing\'\n body: ! \"<b>A body</b>\\r\\nMore lines\\r\\nAnother line \\r\\nStuff\\r\\nMore Stuff How\n to do more stuff\\r\\n\"\n created_at: 2012-04-20 04:17:51.000000000 Z\n updated_at: 2012-07-30 10:06:09.000000000 Z\n sent: 1\n date: 2012-04-20\n', NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, '2012-07-30 11:42:47', '2012-07-30 11:42:47')
(26.8ms)  COMMIT

and very quickly thereafter the worker deletes the job

SQL (0.2ms)  DELETE FROM `delayed_jobs` WHERE `delayed_jobs`.`id` = 8

The worker job is initiated via the rake task

rake jobs:work

There is no record of the email being sent or received.

The email process normally works when testing without the delayed_job method

MemberMailer.all_member_email(m, @message).deliver

with email being sent, delivered through the appropriate path.

Has anyone else experienced this problem ? General 'oogling' showed that there were problems with earlier versions of delayed_job and invalid objects. From the data in the DB it appears that the YAML serialized information looks ok.

  • Where is MememberMailer? Is working without using delay? How about log something in the all_meember_email? – shigeya Jul 31 '12 at 4:47
  • Have you start delayed_job server using command script/delayed_job start before starting rails server??? – Salil Jul 31 '12 at 5:24
  • I've tested the MemberMailer without delay and it works ok – Grant Sayer Jul 31 '12 at 11:13
  • I've only started the script/delayed_job start after starting rails so i'll give your suggestion a try. – Grant Sayer Jul 31 '12 at 11:14

From your description I would expect the worker correctly doing it's job. The job gets removed from the queue when the worker thinks it's job is done and there is no exception happening.

delayed_job has several configuration options that you can tweak in an initializer. The default setting means 25 retries with several minutes delay.

I would suggest looking into the MemberMailer.all_member_email method. A common mistake is referencing instance variables or methods there.

If it doesn't help please post the code of you MemberMailer class.

  • Thanks - i'll try some of the configuration options as well as check the instance variables usage. I'm not seeing the job remain in the database with the status set to failed. It is simply deleted, as though it's completed successfully. – Grant Sayer Jul 31 '12 at 11:15
  • As described by iltempo setting delayed_job to log more information showed up the problem as indicated in stackoverflow.com/questions/7886272/delayed-job-nomethoderror This meant I could see a problem since the log showed it was serializing an Object, not a Class. In other words falling back on the lowest common denominator of Object. Further investigation into the method showed a problem with an instance variable not be referenced correctly. – Grant Sayer Aug 2 '12 at 2:41
  • Hi Grant, could you please tell me where do I find the Log? I'm having the exact same problem(s) as you did. – jlstr Aug 13 '12 at 20:49

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