EDIT: Changed question title and content. Upon reading the JSON plugin guide I realize the plugin might be expecting a JSON string instead of this query map, in which case I normally go with GSON instead. I guess the question becomes: how can Struts2 handle type conversion of a query string like this: sort[0][field]=status&sort[0][dir]=asc

I am using Kendo UI grid to interface with my Struts2 backend. The AJAX request being sent to the server follows the following format (GET query string):


or (non-escaped):


Basically, Kendo UI grid is sending a flattened JSON object to the server. So I create a sort model object like so to take the input:

public class SortModel {
    private String field;
    private String dir;

and include this in my Struts2 action as a variable to be populated:

private SortModel[] sort;

However, this never gets populated by Struts2 when the AJAX request comes in. I also tried to add the JSON interceptor, but I think I misunderstood its deserialization process, as explained in the edit.

Anyway, has anyone managed to Struts2 type conversion working using the above query string or similar: sort[0][field]=status&sort[0][dir]=asc?



The above is not proper JSON, strings should be quoted. With that done the following will work.

In which case a field (or json parameter) in the form name[i]['s'] which has a value of String and where i is an integer and s is any string would be backed by:

private List<Map<String, String>> name = new ArrayList<Map<String, String>>();

//getter AND setter required

PS: With Struts2 you can index into lists of lists of lists... without issue.



It turns out that vanilla Struts2 doesn't accept query strings in the format obj[idx][property] (feel free to correct me on this). I was expecting it to convert the query string to an array of that specific object.

What Struts2 does accept is the format obj[idx].property which it will correctly convert to private Object[] obj.

So I guess the possible solutions to this would be:

  1. JSON.stringify(jsonObj) before passing it to the query string, a la &jsonData=[{property:'value'}] - which in this case, I can't do since Kendo UI grid doesn't seem to have an interceptor-like event to let me change the query parameters. Or,

  2. Implement a custom type converter that handles this particular format. Or,

  3. Intercept the AJAX request before it is being sent to the server and re-format the query string, using jQuery.ajaxSend e.g.

    $(body).ajaxSend(function(event, req, settings){
        console.log(settings.url); //contains the url string to replace
        settings.url = settings.url.replace(some_regex, 'correct format');
  • Quaternion's answer clarifies my questions about accepted formats. param[0][string] is not valid, but param[0]['string'] is valid JSON and convertible by Struts2. Aug 1 '12 at 3:02

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