I am developing an Outlook AddIn. One part of it that I organize appointments in a specific folder. I want to capture if an element gets deleted (in this case moving out of "my" folder counts as deleted).

I found the article https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10579240/how-to-capture-a-c-sharp-outlook-addin-appointment-delete-event and his/her solution helped a lot, but I have a huge problem: the event only fires in that "session", where my folder was created, not when I get the folder object from outlook.

My code looks like this:

private Outlook.MAPIFolder _CalendarMAPIFolder = null;
private Outlook.MAPIFolderEvents_12_Event _CalendarFolder = null;
private Outlook.Items _CalendarItems = null;

private void ThisAddIn_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    Outlook.MAPIFolder calendarFolder =

    // get my-Folder (if not found, create it)
        _CalendarMAPIFolder = calendarFolder.Folders["my-Folder"];
        _CalendarMAPIFolder = calendarFolder.Folders.Add("my-Folder");
    _CalendarItems = _CalendarMAPIFolder.Items;
    _CalendarFolder = _CalendarMAPIFolder as Outlook.MAPIFolderEvents_12_Event;
    if (_CalendarFolder == null)
        MessageBox.Show("can not cast MAPIFolder to Folder");

    _CalendarFolder.BeforeItemMove += new Outlook.MAPIFolderEvents_12_BeforeItemMoveEventHandler(Folder_BeforeItemMove);
    Debug.Print("events registered");
public void Folder_BeforeItemMove(
        Object Item,
        Outlook.MAPIFolder MoveTo,
        ref bool Cancel)
    Outlook.AppointmentItem aitem = Item as Outlook.AppointmentItem;
    string s = "";
    if (aitem != null) s = aitem.Subject;
    //Cancel = false;
    MessageBox.Show("Test! " + s);

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you ;)

Edit: I still have no clue :(((((((


By definition, BeforeItemMove only fires when the user (Outlook client) initiates an Item be moved. It will not fire for synchronization events (i.e. Exchange sync).

If you are connecting Outlook to an Exchange Server, you should look at EWS (Exchange Web Services) if you wish to be notified of folder change events outside the client application (i.e. session). EWS offers push, pull, or streaming notification options. You would attach a notification to "Item deletion" operation.

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  • Thanks, but that's not the problem. With "session" i ment the time betwean Opening Outlook and closing Outlook. -> the event only fires if i delete the folder, close outlook, open it again. ... but to delete the folder every time would destroy the sence of my addin – Xaw4 Aug 1 '12 at 8:53

It was all Microsofts fault! It was a Bug, I just needed to Update Outlook!

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