I want to change ivy message level to debug my ivy-settings in eclipse and I have no idea how I to set it to debug/verbose level.


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For future reference:

You can change the Ivy message level on IvyDE by following: http://ant.apache.org/ivy/ivyde/history/latest-milestone/console.html

Message level can be changed when running Ivy as a standalone program by adding "-verbose" or "-debug" args. ex: java -jar ivy.jar -verbose


I just wanted to add that if you are running the Ivy tasks through Ant in Eclipse, you can set the verbosity level to -verbose for Ivy as follows:

  • Run menu > External Tools > External Tools Configurations
  • Choose the build you are running
  • Add '-verbose' to the Arguments textarea

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via Zoop's answer SO: 11744878/611007

basically: eclipse > window > show views > other > type: console

in the console view that should appear, on the right choose a console: window-like icon with star-ish 'new' symbol with dropdown containing 'ivy console'

and in the bug-icon dropdown you can select the loglevel too:

bug with dropdown containing different loglevels

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