I'm often getting the warning in Eclipse:

No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document: logback.xml

Because of Logback's configuration file "flexibility" no validation schema is possible.

Thus, as a way of getting around the issue altogether, is there an XSD available on the internet that validates any structurally valid XML file as being valid, so I can trick Eclipse into being silent about the issue?


You can always disable the warning in eclipse. Go to Preferences-->XML-->XML FILES --> Validation and Select "ignore".

  • That works too :) – Naftuli Kay Jul 31 '12 at 18:14

Try adding

<!DOCTYPE configuration>

at the top of your logback.xml (right after the <?xml...>).


Strictly speaking, there is no such XSD, capable of matching any XML. You'll have to find an alternate way, such as, maybe, the one already suggested (disable validation).

I wouldn't probably do it, simply because you may have to flip back and forth when editing other XML files for which you want validation.

I would try instead to define a dummy XSD, which will define the root element of your logback configuration file as anything.


There's a more direct way to handle Logback configuration specifically:

  • Open Preferences->Validation. Click the "..." button for Settings next to XML Validator
  • There should already be an Exclude Group for Eclipse internal files. Click "Exclude Group" and then the "Add Rule..." button.
  • Select "Folder or file name".
  • Enter logback.xml and finish.
  • Repeat for logback-test.xml if you use a separate logging configuration for testing.

This will keep Eclipse from running XML validation on exactly these files but will keep validation active for the rest of your XML.

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