I'm using this API call to Google Maps to get the latitude and longitude of a postal code


The postal code is in Australia. This API call returns locations all around the world with partial matching postal codes in the address.

Is there a parameter I can use to set the country to Australia?



The correct way to do this is not via region biasing but rather using component filtering:


Some demonstrations:

Please note that if you use the components parameter, you don't need to specify the address parameter.

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The documentation says that Region Biasing is based on CcTLDs, which would make Australia au (haven't tried it myself).

Although it also states this:

Note that biasing only prefers results for a specific domain; if more relevant results exist outside of this domain, they may be included.

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    I found that ?address=2340,au&sensor=false returns only results from Australia is that valid though? – Anagio Jul 31 '12 at 20:44
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    Yes @Anagio thats correct, placing a ",usa" would result in displaying only results in the United States, however that only means its not going to look in any other country, it doesnt mean its gonna give you a correct result, for example if i put 93274,au it gives me some random town in Australia, but not the town in Australia for that Zip code... Whatever the reason, if your targeting a specific country, its best to go ahead and use what your suggesting. I know its been awhile for a response on this but i just happened to stumble upon it. – NodeDad Mar 7 '13 at 4:37
  • To add to Aaron's answer - the query above is ambiguous between an address in Australia with a STREET NUMBER of 2340 and a suburb with a POSTCODE of 2340. Goggle appears to search street numbers first which means that the probability of getting back a town in WoopWoop is proportional to the numeric value of the postcode. Less likely in QLD (postcodes 4000 plus) than in NSW (postcodes 2000 +) Component filtering is correct. Use: &components=country:AU|postal_code:2340 in the url – Rob Von Nesselrode Aug 2 '17 at 23:00

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