I'm facing a conceptual problem : how to filter access on some attributes of an entity loaded by Hibernate ?

For instance : I have a Car with a collection (set or bag) of 4 Wheels (2 are red, 2 are blue ; bidirectionnal link) ; User A has right to see red and blue wheels, User B can only see blue ones. When I retrieve Cars, wheels are fetched too (sometimes through Hibernate.initialize, sometimes through a fetch directly in query).

When I request for Cars, I would like to find a way to filter wheels to only the ones that user has rights to see. (Filtering results after DB loading is OK for the moment)

I would like to keep filtering mechanism as less as intrusive.

What doesn't work :

  • @Filter (or @Where) : credential check is a bit tricky, and I have some other joins to do to know if user is allowed or not to see wheels ;

  • Spring ACL : my credential management is too tricky to use this (moreover, not sure if it is able to filter inner attributes) ;

Implemented solution :

  • Define a custom UserCollectionType, and provide a Collection Decorator retrieving only authorised data (overload iterator(), get(int index),...) ; drawback : my collection is not coherent : when a data is added, it is accessible only if current user is allowed. Not sure it's a reliable solution.

Other solutions :

  • AOP on domain object : this is, I think, the best ; add AOP on my domain object, which defines accessor to it's collection of authorizable entities, and filter them at access time. Inconvenient : add AOP on domain object loaded by hibernate may be tricky ? ( cf. Spring AOP Advice for Hibernate managed POJO )

  • Hibernate Interceptor/Event : I tried to use this, but did not found the good place to do what I want, without being intrusive. And I don't want to "really" modify loaded collections : it must be transparent for hibernate (I don't want Hibernate to remove red wheels from car every time User B access to them in a non readonly transaction).

  • AOP + Introspection on exposed services : outside transactional context, filter every collection attribute of every entity recursively to remove unauthorized elements ; maybe the easier and less intrusive solution ; drawback : collections attributes cannot stay unmodifiable ;

What do you think about implemented solution ? Any other idea on how to do this ?

(Context is : Hibernate 4.1.3, Spring 3.1.1, java 7)

Thanks !

  • what do you think about mix approch @Filter and use AOP around DAO to enable or disable filter based on access rights. Aug 1 '12 at 11:59
  • I can't use Filter because security because credential model is a bit complex ; I'm not able to generate a simple and appropriate Filter clause for every case. Aug 1 '12 at 13:30
  • Good question. I liked this interceptor approach: mattfleming.com/node/243
    – Tim
    Aug 9 '13 at 15:26

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