I there a possibility to access MBeans of the system under test from JMeter? I have a system which has several deployments, but needs a MBean call to do final initialization and startup. I need to access and run this. Addtionally, it would be great to get some information out off MBeans for testing.

How is this possible? Do I really need to write an own sampler?

  • Sorry I'm not experienced with jmeter. We had to roll your own. My JMX package might help if you decide to do so as well: 256.com/sources/simplejmx – Gray Aug 1 '12 at 15:19

To init your component you could use à jmeter setup thread group and use a jsr223 sampler using groovy as underlying package.

With groovy it's very easy to call jmx operations:

Otherwise there is a plugin:

It contains a jmx sampler in it.


There's a project with a set of plugins for JMeter one of which supports JMX: http://code.google.com/p/jmeter-plugins/wiki/PerfMonMetrics#JMX_Metrics

  • It only supports 3 different metrics. – Dave Sep 24 '13 at 18:41

The PerfMon mentioned above by mvmn will access MBeans of the system under test, but the preferred JMeter Plugin solution is to use the new JMX-specific plugin.

The following link shows how to identify a jmx metric in JConsole MBean tree (using ObjectName, attribute name, etc..) and then add that info to the JMXMon interface.


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