I'm trying to get used to working with WinDbg to troubleshoot crash dumps when I'm able to get them, but every time I do it seems it's asking me for a different version of mscorwks.dll and mscordacwks.dll, and I don't always have access to the machine the dump came from.

Other than telling end users they have to dig around in their Windows directory for these files on top of sending me an absurdly large "mini"-dump, is there somewhere I can get copies of different builds of these files? WinDbg doesn't seem to be able to find them through Microsoft's symbols server.


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You are supposed to get the mscordacwks.dll from the machine where this dump was captured, and then rename it to the one expected by WinDbg (put it then into WinDbg folder usually). After that if you reload the dump and symbols you can get correct result.

You can copy that file from one of your machines if it happens to have the same level of patching (Microsoft hotfixes), but usually it is hard.

Yes, if Microsoft has a central place for us to download all versions of this file then we might be relieved, but before that we have to use this workaround.


Update It has been mentioned elsewhere that you might be able to extract specific versions of mscordacwks.dll from hotfixes. It is doable but usually takes time to search for the correct hotfix.


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