I'm using jQuery, I have a div with H2 tags

<div id="preload"><h2></h2></div>

I would like to know how to use jQuery to add a text within the <h2> tags

Final result should be:

<div id="preload"><h2>Some text here</h2></div>

I need to add the text without replacing the tags <h2></h2> in the jQuery script.

Any ideas? Many thanks!

  • What's the larger picture? There may be an easier way to do that – SomeKittens Aug 1 '12 at 19:45
  • SomeKittens thanks for your comment...The larger picture was: I bought to had read in some place that it was possible to add text in an element without replacing the html tag already present ....so I wanted to have a confirmation if it really exist in this function. – GibboK Aug 1 '12 at 20:09

Try something like this :

$("div#preload h2").html("Some Text Here")

See the above code in action for your sample HTML here

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$("#preload h2").text('WOOt Woot');
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Use .text

$("#preload h2").text("Some text here");

Also not that this must be within either $(document).ready(function () { ... }) or $(function () { ... }). I would use the latter as it saves typing.

$(function () {
    $("#preload h2").text("Some text here");
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$('#preload h2').html('foo');


$('#preload h2').text('foo');
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