I feel like I'm missing something here. I've been using PHP's empty() function for quite a while now in determining if a variable is empty. I wanted to use it to determine if an object's property is empty, but somehow it doesn't work. Here's a simplified class to illustrate the problem

// The Class 
class Person{
    private $number;

    public function __construct($num){
        $this->number = $num;

    // this the returns value, even though its a private member
    public function __get($property){
        return intval($this->$property);

// The Code    
$person = new Person(5);

if (empty($person->number)){
    echo "its empty";
} else {
    echo "its not empty";

So basically, the $person object should have a value (5) in its number property. As you might have guessed, the problem is that php echoes "its empty". But it's not!!!

However, it does work if I store the property in a variable, then evaluate it.

So what would be the best way to determine if an object property is empty? Thank you.

You need to implement __isset() magic method.

__isset() is triggered by calling isset() or empty() on inaccessible properties.

public function __isset($property){
    return isset($this->$property);
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if (empty(($person->number)))

/* OR */

if (!isset($person->nothing) || empty(($person->nothing)))

Putting () around the Object->Property value will force it to be evaluated prior to calling empty.

  • Notice: Undefined property: Person::$number – Brad Kent Nov 2 '16 at 13:40
  • @BradKent, Because of the evaluation you are getting a notice for trying to use an undefined variable (property value). If there is any possibility that your property is possibly going to be null/undefined you'll want to check isset first. (!isset($person->nothing) || empty(($person->nothing))) – Eric Shoberg Nov 7 '16 at 16:38

Check if the return value is null instead. Should give you the right answer.

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