There are lots of people having similar issues but no one is answering their questions. I have IMAP enabled in PHP, Using all the correct information. I don't see where I'm going wrong.

Here's my code:

$hostname = '{imap.gmail.com:995/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert}'; 
$username = 'emailaddress@gmail.com'; $password = 'password'; 
$inbox = imap_open($hostname,$username,$password) or die('Cannot connect to Gmail: ' . imap_last_error());


Not returning any errors other than:

Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn't open stream {imap.gmail.com:995/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert} in /home/a8066360/public_html/test/imap.php on line 6

Cannot connect to Gmail: Can't connect to gmail-imap.l.google.com, 995: Connection timed out

I've noticed that if I change the single quotes to `

shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons...

Please help!!!

  • The last part is quite a non-sequitur, no? ` and ' are two very different things.
    – deceze
    Aug 2 '12 at 6:50
  • @deceze - I think they are, for strings only ' (single quote) and " (double quote) are allowed.
    – uınbɐɥs
    Aug 2 '12 at 6:52
  • i'm brand new to php, but i saw someone else using the tacks in the same exact way in a tutorial i was folowing.
    – cream
    Aug 2 '12 at 14:15
  • I have a cron job that accesses my gmail acct once every 5 minutes to pull emails. I get this error about once every 3 days. In my case, seems like an issue on gmail's end
    – billynoah
    Jun 14 '18 at 1:28

You need port 993, the SSL IMAP port.

Port 995 is the SSL POP3 port.

  • it's literally the same exact error I posted above. Same line and everything. different port.
    – cream
    Aug 2 '12 at 17:54
  • Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn't open stream {imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert} in /home/a8066360/public_html/test/imap.php on line 6 Cannot connect to Gmail: Can't connect to gmail-imap.l.google.com,993: Connection timed out
    – cream
    Aug 2 '12 at 17:54
  • 2
    You may be firewalled? From that system, can you make a connection to imap.google.com? Try telnet imap.google.com 993. You won't be able to use it (since it's SSL), but you should be able to see if the connection succeeds.
    – Max
    Aug 2 '12 at 18:17

I think Gmail's IMAP can only be accessed on port 993.

$hostname = "{imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert}";


I had the same error and found a different solution. I have added debug info into host:


When I read php error log, I found

Unknown: [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser: https://support.google.com/mail/accounts/answer/78754 (Failure) (errflg=1) in Unknown on line 0

Open link, and follow instructions. Search for

Your app might not support the latest security standards. Try changing a few settings to allow less secure apps access to your account.

Click on link and enable less secure app access.

Then it works for me.

  • Great! Enabling less secure apps worked for me, thanks saved some time.
    – Andrew
    Jan 29 '18 at 19:52
  • I am getting this error: "Too many login failures" on imap_open('{imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert}INBOX', $username, $password); Feb 21 '20 at 14:03

You have to enable the given option from Gmail account get connected. https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps


I had the same issue and I fixed it by unlocking the Google captcha.

Go to the following URL while signed in to the Google account : https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

And click on the button.

Of course, you already had activated the access for less secure apps in the Security tab of your Google account settings ;).

It should work now !


You can setup 2 step authentication and then assign an APP password to use in your requests (just replace your password with the one provided for the app, your normal password doesn't change.).

This will help your script run from any host without google blocking it (due to a change in login location).


You can try the following code by giving a notls argument and connecting the server like follows, if SSL is not applied.

$hostname = '{imap.YOUR_DOMAIN.com:143/imap/notls}INBOX'; 
$username = 'YOUR_USERNAME';
$password = 'YOUR_PASSWORD';

$inbox = imap_open($hostname, $username, $password) or die('Cannot connect to Gmail: ' . imap_last_error());

If it will not throw any error, this means that you are succesfully connected to server then. I hope this helps.

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