Is there a way to use Typoscript condition to assign a different value to a TypoScript TEXT if a GET variable is empty ?

Something like that :

xxxx.1 = TEXT
[globalVar = GP:print != ""]
xxxx.1.value = Absent
xxxx.1.value = Present

Of course here the != "" doesn't work, so what should I use instead ?


Here is an example with "if":

1 = TEXT
1 {
    value = Absent
    override = Present
    override.if {
        isTrue.data = GP:print
  • But is this is a condition? It looks like a complicated default value? – Gigamegs Aug 10 '12 at 12:06
  • That is not a condition. Also note that this will be cached. A condition could be [globalVar = GP:print = 1]. So your link would have to append "?print=1". – Shufla Sep 13 '12 at 13:14
  • @Phpdna This looks like a complicated default value but afaik its the only way I could check if a GET-param is set. Note, that if "?print=0" will be evaluated as false and the value "Absent" will be used in this example. – Александр Фишер Sep 23 '14 at 8:07

With globalString it's also possible to use a Regular Expression as comparison. Depending on the context this might also be a viable solution.

[globalString = GP:test = /.+/]
# This is only evaluated if GP:test contains one or more characters

At first there is no != in typoscript. You can only use >, <, = for conditions.

For your needs you can use this:

[globalVar = GP:view = print]


Just define a Variable "view" which can become the value "print".

  • You can also work with "if" and "override", "ifEmpty" and "required".
  • Here are some other examples of conditions in typoscript: http://www.pi-phi.de/19.html

I found for instance with a cookie, you can set no value and it will see it a empty?

[globalVar = _COOKIE|user_test_score = ]

So maybe also:

[globalVar = GP:view = ]

Not sure if it is intended but works for cookies anyway.

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