Does anyone know of a tool to analyze/navigate VB6 source code like the tool from scitools?



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Maybe Project Analyzer is an alternative?
Also you could take a look at codesmart 2009 for VB6

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    If you're working with VB6, you WANT MZTools, even if you don't know it yet.... Jul 24, 2009 at 15:03
  • Yeah, already using MZTools and also CodeHelper from PlanetSourceCode. Great tools.
    – Stécy
    Jul 24, 2009 at 15:04

VBDepend is now available,it's NDepend like for vb6.


Our SD Source Code Search Engine is a language sensitive tool for search across large bodies of source in VB6 (and it understands many other langauges, e.g, C, C++, C#, Java, COBOL, PHP, ... at the same time!).

It understands the structure of the langauge (identifiers, numbers, keywords, strings, operators, comments, whitespace) and lets you formulate queries for code constructs in terms of those entities. Because it understands langauge structure, it is isn't fooled by whitespace changes or line breaks, and this significantly reduces the number of false positive hits.

The Source Code Search Engine preindexes your source code base to provide extremely fast searches even over millions of lines of code. The Graphical UI shows hits on queries; from there, a single mouse click can show you the source code for hit. From the souce code, you can go directly into most editors.

As a side effect of indexing the code base, the SCSE also computes various metrics per file: SLOC, NCSLOC, McCabe and Halstead complexity numbers, etc.

A unique kind of analysis the we offer for VB6 that is different than SciTools is duplicate code detection.

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