I want to get all the children from given node till leaves without using recursion. Is that possible? I know how to do it in LINQ to XML, but have some problems with XmlNode:S


You can use the SelectNodes method along with an XPath expression that selects all descendants:

XmlNodeList result = myXmlNode.SelectNodes("descendant::node()");

Make sure to use the other overload if you want to filter more specifically and need to supply any namespace prefixes.

Update: This will only select non-attribute nodes as your question doesn't ask for attributes. It's possible by modifying the XPath expression, though:

XmlnodeList result = myXmlNode.SelectNodes("descendant::node() | descendant::*/@*");

You can either use recursion or an XPath expression:

I'm not very good at XPath but something like:

 var nodes = myDoc.SelectNodes("//*");  

(edit: this one seems to work)

  • Only for elements, though. Other kinds of nodes will not be selected by *. – O. R. Mapper Aug 2 '12 at 14:18
  • Also, have you tried this from an arbitrary node in the middle of the document, or just from the root node? I didn't and the documentation wasn't explicit on this, but usually // means that everything from the root is considered, not just the current subtree. – O. R. Mapper Aug 2 '12 at 14:20

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