I am using Vim as my main editors for a few days now. Using http://www.github.com/astrails/dotvim as the base of my installation.

The problem I am having is that when I run the specs, the result of the specs is not delayed on the screen and I can't see what is going on.

to further explain this, I have a video to demo the situation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUB48XwNq0M&feature=plcp

I need to hide vim with CTRL+Z and then fg to show it again, that's obviously not good.

Would love help on this

** Edit **

I posted about the problem in more detail here: http://avi.io/blog/2012/08/05/problem-with-running-spec-in-vim/


I would first check if this is the same behavior for any shell command you run, or just when you run spec files. E.g. how does a simple run of 'ls' from within VIM behave?


If the above waits for 'Enter', I would guess that you have a trailing space (or similar) in the mapping that runs your spec. For example, adding this line to your .vimrc will map Leader-l to the 'ls' command and will prompt for 'Enter'.

nmap <leader>l :!ls<cr>

However if you add the same line with a trailing space at the end, it will exit the console immediately:

nmap <leader>l :!ls<cr> 

So I would check the mapping you use to run the specs.

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This might have something to do with :help more, but I think the best solution for this sort of thing is a combination of tmux and turbux.vim. See the video here.

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