this code is throwing an error during the page render because it isn't finding the route for this link:

<li class="link">
    <%=link_to "Save current options to a cluster", division_clusters_path(@current_dvision, courses: @cluster_courses ), :method => :post unless @cluster_courses.empty? %>

It worked in an older 3.2 copy, but upon upgrading past 3.2.4 it starts throwing an error because it is looking for a GET route when only a POST route exists (it is meant to go to a standard create method).

I switched it from a link_to to a button_to and tried to explicitly hash out the URL options from the HTML options to prevent ambiguity but I am still screwing something up.

I am assuming if the button_to is bombing, that I am doing something incredibly wrong. I am just not sure what.

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The fact that it's falling back to a GET request suggests that the :method => :post is not making its way into the options argument:

# File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/url_helper.rb, line 231
def link_to(*args, &block)
  if block_given?
    options      = args.first || {}
    html_options = args.second
    link_to(capture(&block), options, html_options)
    name         = args[0]
    options      = args[1] || {}
    html_options = args[2]

Since the precedence of the unless operator is greater than method invocation, that leaves division_clusters_path(@current_dvision, courses: @cluster_courses ) as a possible culprit. If that is returning something that is swallowed by args[1], then args[2] would get the rest of the options (which are meant for args[1]). By the way, it looks like there is a typo there: @current_dvision.

  • Thanks, That was an embarrassing lesson (it was the typo). I hand typed out all the checks to verify the data being passed to the link so I was seeing what I expected to see. I assumed it was ambiguous link parameter formats because that is my most common mistake when it comes to link_to type stuff. Sorry & thanks :) – cgr Aug 3 '12 at 21:46

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