I am trying to get the siteurl without hardcoding and store it in a constant inside of a configuration file, so that I can use it within my scripts irrespective of the nesting/nested folders. This configuration file is stored in a folder within the main installation directory of the website.


Install website on www.mydomain.com

Configuration file located in www.mydomain.com/my_folder/configuration.php

Want to declare a constant in configuration.php file so that it always gets the installed path dynamically without having to hardcode it. So define("MY_SITE_URL", ???? )

What should be in the place of the ???? in the code above so that it works even if my main website is installed within nested folders?

Examples: All the pages will contain the same configuration.php at the beginning of the file as a require

Install website in Site 1:

Root directory of website: www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/

Location of configuration: www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/my_folder/configuration.php

Sub folder: www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/index.php

echoing MY_SITE_URL in index.php should give www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/

Sub folder: www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/index.php

Location of configuration: www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/my_folder/configuration.php

echoing MY_SITE_URL in index.php should give www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/

Install website in Site 2:

Root directory of website: www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/

Location of configuration: www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/my_folder/configuration.php

Sub folder: www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/1/index.php

echoing MY_SITE_URL in index.php should give www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/

Sub folder: www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/1/2/index.php

Location of configuration: www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/my_folder/configuration.php

echoing MY_SITE_URL in index.php should give www.mydomain.com/demos/site2/

Please note that the TLD can change. That means, installing the website on www.mydomain.tk, www.mydomai.org, www.mydomain.net, www.mydomain.co.ca etc. should not render the code useless.


I have tried to put together a script. I almost got there, but not 100%. Here it is:

function domain_url()
    $pageURL = 'http';
    if ($_SERVER["HTTPS"] == "on") {$pageURL .= "s";}
    $pageURL .= "://";
    if ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] != "80") 

    //Remove any GET params from url
    $remmove_get = strtok($pageURL, '?');
    //Removes trailing slash only at the end of string. This slash is received only when accessing a page within sub folders.
    $pageURL = preg_replace('{/$}', '', $remmove_get);

    //Remove page name
    $pageURL = dirname($pageURL);

    return $pageURL;
define("MY_SITE_URL", domain_url().'/'); 

Issue with my current code:

Running the code on www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/ and www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/ gives MY_SITE_URL as www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/ and this is correct.

But when I run the code on www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/index.php, echoing MY_SITE_URL gives me www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/ when in fact I wanted: www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/

How to solve this?

  • If you want to get to that without hardcoding, then you need to define the logic first. I don't see any logic there that one could use as a basic for code. Is there such logic? – eis Aug 4 '12 at 8:44

If you always want the 2nd directory then you can use

$boom = explode("/", $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$domain_url = $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"].'/'.$boom[1].'/'.$boom[2];
echo $domain_url;

If the site is ever not in the 2nd directory you can use: (this code should be a bit more concise). Just replace site1 with the name of the site

$site_search = "site1";
$domain_url = substr($url, 0, strpos($url, $site_search)+strlen($site_search));;
echo $domain_url;   

Update This will get the url for everything before /my_folder

$domain_url = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$domain_url = substr($url, 0, strpos($url, '/my_folder'));
define("MY_SITE_URL", domain_url().'/'); 

On a side-note, you should try the Code-Igniter framework. The framework makes this sort of thing extremely easy.

  • Hi, what does always want the 2nd directory and If the site is ever not in the 2nd directory mean? – Devner Aug 3 '12 at 23:58
  • Results of the 2nd highlighted code of your answer (lengthy one): www.mydomain.com/test.php gives www.mydomain.com/test.php; www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/ gives www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/; www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/ gives www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/ So it seems that this code is no different from what I had in terms of functionality. – Devner Aug 4 '12 at 0:23
  • Results of the 1st highlighted code of your answer (short one): www.mydomain.com/test.php gives www.mydomain.com/test.php; www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/ gives www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/; www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/ gives www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/; This code is closer to what I want but that breaks unless its 2 folders deep. So if I use this code in the root folder of the website or just within the first sub folder of the website, the code will break. How can this be fixed to ensure that regardless of where its installed, it always gets the correct path? – Devner Aug 4 '12 at 0:28
  • Did you set the $site_search variable? That is used to stop the loop when it reaches the site name you are looking for. Second directory means www.yoursite.com/first_directory/Second_Directory. So if your site names are always the second directory the first code will print www.yoursite.com/first_directory/second_directory no matter how many extra /directories you have. The bottom code you set $site_search = "site1" or whatever is the name of the site you are trying to get the url for. Do you understand what the code is doing or do you need some instructions? – Branden S. Smith Aug 4 '12 at 1:19
  • If I set $site_search = "site1", it works on www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/ www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/; But the very same code, when used on www.mydomain.com without any changes, breaks. It gives www. I was trying to avoid having to change the code, regardless of the installation directory i.e. main root directory of website or in folders/sub-folders. Can this be fixed without having to make changes in the code every time? – Devner Aug 4 '12 at 2:13

Try this:

define('PROTOCOL', array_key_exists('HTTPS', $_SERVER) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on' ? 'https://' : 'http://');
define('DOMAIN', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
define('FOLDER', (dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']) == '/' ? null : dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])) . '/');
define('BASE_URL', PROTOCOL . DOMAIN . dirname(FOLDER));

Those 4 constants should cover what you are looking for. I wrote about this a little more here in this post - http://bit.ly/MPls0E

  • This gives www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/ when I run www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/1/2/index.php. I was expecting to receive www.mydomain.com/demos/site1/. Any changes? – Devner Aug 3 '12 at 23:57
  • Maybe change FOLDER to dirname(FOLDER) in the 4th line to go up a directory? – kingcoyote Aug 4 '12 at 0:07
  • Won't that break again when even more folders are nested? – Devner Aug 4 '12 at 0:17

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