I have a MySQL table with values like:

| user_email   |
| ab@gmail.com |
| cd@gmail.com |
| ef@yahoo.com |
| gh@yahoo.com |
| ij@gmail.com |
| kl@other.net |

I need to return a list of unique domain names from this list of email address, such as:

gmail.com, yahoo.com, other.net

So far, I am using the following SQL statement to select this:

SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(user_email,'@',-1)

However, this only solves half of my problem - it is returning domain names. Using DISTINCT did not do the trick. What am I missing?

FYI: This is running on a LAMP stack. Thanks!


Just use group by

SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(user_email,'@',-1) as domain_name FROM user_email group by domain_name
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  • Ah, this led me to the solution. Thanks Hawili! – Mike Lee Aug 4 '12 at 3:52

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