I'm making an application that supports multi language. And I am using gettext and locale to solve this issue.

How to set LANG variable in Windows? In Linux and Unix-like systems it's just as simple as

$ LANG=en_US python appname.py

And it will automatically set the locale to that particular language. But in Windows, the

C:\>SET LANG=en_US python appname.py



C:\>python appname.py

doesn't work.


Windows locale support doesn't rely on LANG variable (or, indeed, any other environmental variable). It is whatever the user set it to in Control Panel.

  • Applications running on Window might still use the environment variable. In which as the user will be responsible for setting its value. Although your answer was accepted, it doesn't describe how to set the variable in case—which is the actual question. – martineau Dec 20 '17 at 17:07

you can use a batch file like in here: http://www.geany.org/Documentation/FAQ#QQuestions11

set LANG=en_US

or set it through the control panel / system / advanced system settings / advanced / environmental variables

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