I was looking around and the questions and answers did not seem to match what I am looking for. Anytime I open a new file it defaults to a plan text file. I mostly work with HTML files so I was wondering if there is a setting that would be changed so that when I open a new file it will default to HTML? Hope this is possible.


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    try stackoverflow.com/questions/7574502/…, you can also double click on the lower right hand corner while in an html file and choose the "Open all with current extension as..." and set it to HTML – jeremy Aug 5 '12 at 6:51
  • I rcommend you to see this post. stackoverflow.com/questions/9520540/… – thanksnote Aug 5 '12 at 6:51
  • Nile, this helped me find what I needed. Just need your answer to be one that I can accept? – pertrai1 Aug 6 '12 at 12:36
  • You can start working on Adobe Dreamweaver. I think you are asking about the Default HTML whenever you start writing the code for new HTML file. – Ankit Aggarwal Aug 13 '13 at 8:04

Create a new plugin Tools > Developer > New Plugin...

Paste this in:

import sublime, sublime_plugin

class EverythingIsPowerShell(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
   def on_new(self, view):

Save and call it NewTabSyntax.py. New tabs will now default to Powershell.

You can change the syntax to whatever you prefer. To find out the "path" of a particular syntax, simply open a file of that syntax, open the console (View > Show Console) and type:

  • After this all files I open are PowershellSyntax. Also all files with another file extension. Before, files with a file extension opened in the "right" file syntax. – caramba May 12 '17 at 13:18
  • It should only affect new files. – Jaykul May 24 '17 at 5:49

pls install Package sublime-DefaultFileType https://github.com/spadgos/sublime-DefaultFileType

which will automatically sets the syntax for new files.

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    Problem. This only works if you do Ctrl+N/Cmd+N. This package does not work if you typically create new files by double clicking in tab area. – hubbardr Aug 11 '14 at 23:12

It is possible with the ApplySyntax Plugin. Once it is installed (e.g. via PackageControl), you can set the ApplySyntax User Settings like that:

"new_file_syntax": "HTML",

Now if you open a new file, your default syntax will be HTML. Of course you can set every Syntax you have installed.

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