Mountain Lion offers a built-in sharing button that reveals a menu of sharing services appropriate for the app:

Share button in Safari 6.0

How can I insert it in my app?

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To add the share button on Mountain Lion:

1) Add a NSButton called, for example, shareButton.

2) Add the standard image for this button:

[shareButton setImage:[NSImage imageNamed:NSImageNameShareTemplate]];
[shareButton sendActionOn:NSLeftMouseDownMask];

3) Into the "on click action", present the NSSharingServicePicker:

NSSharingServicePicker *sharingServicePicker = [[NSSharingServicePicker alloc] initWithItems:urls];
sharingServicePicker.delegate = self;

[sharingServicePicker showRelativeToRect:[sender bounds]

4) Eventually, implement the NSSharingServicePickerDelegate methods to customize the picker’s available services.


In Swift, I've used this:

extension NSSharingService {
    class func shareContent ( content: [AnyObject], button: NSButton ) {
        let sharingServicePicker = NSSharingServicePicker (items: content )

        sharingServicePicker.showRelativeToRect(button.bounds, ofView: button, preferredEdge: NSRectEdge.MaxY)
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    how to use it ?
    – user1374
    Sep 18, 2017 at 7:39

Note that if you're trying to add this button via Interface Builder:

  1. Select the button
  2. Switch to Attributes inspector
  3. Delete the button Title
  4. Insert: NSShareTemplate as the Image name.

It doesn't look right to me in XCode, but works fine when run.

PS - This appears to be a case where you need to use the System Icon string value (NSShareTemplate) instead of the constant (NSImageNameShareTemplate).

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    Recommend not using IB to set the image. It just works when setting it via code. In addition, should also add the following line afterwards: "[shareButton sendActionOn:NSLeftMouseDownMask];"
    – Arvin
    Feb 26, 2013 at 17:21

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