I'd like to confirm the meaning of != before a boolean expression in a control statement means the opposite:

For example:

if (!networkConnected()) 

Does that mean "if the network is not connected"?

  • It does. ! is interpreted as NOT.
    – tripulse
    Commented Oct 1, 2020 at 4:39

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Yes it does mean the logical opposite. It works even with equals operator.

Assuming your method return a basic bool type

// means the Network is NOT connected
if (!NetworkConnected()) 

This is equivalent to

if (NetworkConnected() != true) 

So logically means

if (NetworkConnected() == false) 

Now assuming you method return a Boolean (indeed a real object), this means

// means the Network is NOT connected
if (! Boolean.TRUE.equals(NetworkConnected());


if (Boolean.FALSE.equals(NetworkConnected());
  • Hi thanks for this answer it explains it well. what if the value being returned is null ? Will the null be considered as a false value in this case ? Commented Jun 10, 2022 at 8:50

Yes, it's boolean negation


true == true
!true == false
!!true == true
!!!true == false

Likewise with false

!false == true

The actual name for this unary operator is the Logical Complement Operator which inverts the value of a boolean


Yes. The exclamation mark negates the boolean that appears next to it.


To precisely answer your question: no. This operator != is not negation. It means NOT IDENTICAL and is the opposite of == which stands for identity.


! is a unary operator that switches the boolean value of an expression.

Consider the following piece of code:

boolean b = true;

System.out.println(!b); // outputs: false
System.out.println(!!b); // outputs: true

b = !b; // first switch: b is false now
b = !b; // second switch: b is true now


Does that mean "if the network is not connected"?



In java,exclamation mark (!) that is used for inverted the value and also we call Boolean negation operator (!= being not equal to).

example:if(string variable!=null) here check whether string variable is null or not.null means if block is not executed.otherwise it will be executed.

  • a != b is equivalent to !(a == b)
    – tripulse
    Commented Sep 12, 2020 at 6:56

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