I just moved into web testing using Selenium and have been learning Selenium WebDriver + Java.

My question is, why do I need to build a test framework when TestNG is there?

What is there that TestNG cannot do as a framework?


Nothing :-)

More seriously, TestNG is very popular with Selenium users for a variety of reasons, among which support for:

  • Dependencies (very convenient to test pages that follow each other).
  • Parameterization with @DataProvider (useful to test various combinations of browsers and user agents).
  • Parallel tests (lets you test on multiple browsers simultaneously).

Check out the Selenium forums for more information and feel free to email the testng-users list if you have questions.

  • I was just wondering why employers would want you to build a custom Test framework from scratch while TestNg or JUnit is there?
    – Ibexy I
    Aug 6 '12 at 5:49

Yes, I think TestNG is enough as a web test framework. If you are familiar of using JUnit, It is easier to switch into TestNG


Building a custom framework may be necessary at times. And you can use TestNG for that. :)

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