I just can't figure it out how to use a segue in my storyboard. When should I use a push segue and when a modal segue? How are they different from each other?

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You use a push segue if you want to push from one view controller to another when in the context of a navigation controller.

You can use a modal seque to present one view controller on another. This is normally done from animating from the bottom to top of then screen. This can be done from inside, or not inside, a navigation controller.


Push Segue

It adds a new VC to navigationController. if we have requirement to manage our views in heiraricall manner we should use it. it adds new view to navigation stack . Back button is displayed . on clicking back button it popped the VC from navigationController.

Modal Segue

A modal segue is just one VC presenting another VC modally. No navigation stack created.Don't display back button . You have to create as when needed cusotmly.

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