I would like to gauge what solutions other people put in place to get Team System functionality. We all know that Team System can be pricey for some of us. I know they offer a small team edition with five licenses with a MSDN subscription, but what if your team is bigger than five or you don't want to use Team System?

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    TFS is now completely free if you have an MSDN subscription ;) Not just a workgroup version. If you have 5000 developers and they all have MSDN then they can all use TFS. In addition the retail licence for TFS has dropped dramaticaly in price ro around $500. – MrHinsh - Martin Hinshelwood Aug 20 '10 at 20:04

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I'm stunned that nobody has mentioned the free and excellent TeamCity product from JetBrains. It includes:

  • Continous Integration
  • Software Build management
  • Project Management, Monitoring and Statistical Reports
  • Integration with many IDEs, Sourcecode control systems, and Testing Frameworks

For project management / bug tracking / Git or Subversion repository I also use Unfuddle (free for small personal projects!)

  • Nice, I have heard of TeamCity. I just haven't used it yet. I am definitely thinking about switching. – Dale Ragan Jan 19 '09 at 6:29
  • TeamCity is fantastic. It's easy to set up and powerful. – Jamie Ide Apr 2 '09 at 12:26
  • I have used TeamCity / git for professional projects and all my open source projects use TeamCity from codebetter.com connected to git and github.com. And VersionOne for ALM but depending on what you need there's plenty of other options. – Travis May 16 '11 at 19:48

I'll second Trac + Subversion. While nothing is perfect, this combination works quite well for me, and the price is right.

Even for projects I work solo on, it's nice to have both of these integrated.


I've had a lot of success with the nice integration between SourceGear vault and FogBugz.

MS Build for build automation meets my needs.

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    Really? Vault is terrible. I continually have issues with it and it's incredibly outdated. Thing I hate the most... Select an option, say delete, Then wait. It doesn't even go modal. Then between a min or several later the dialog pops up. Designed by someone with reaaaally bad ui skills. And the VS integration, sigh. – Steve Casey Jan 22 '10 at 9:15

Took my answer out of the question and posted it as one of the answers per the StackOverflow FAQ.

Here is the solution that I use and it works great:



It seems targeted for Open Source / Community type projects but it's working just find as an internal Developer intranet. It integrates a Wiki, Bug tracker and SVN Source browser into one nice package and it's very easy to configure.


Sourcegear's suite of products are a very nice alternative. Vault + Dragnet + Fortress are nice, however if you can't afford all of those, Vault + FogBugz is a pretty decent alternative.


I use SourceGear's Fortress on my home computer for personal development. Its free for a single user.


I use VisualSVN Server for source control, Mingle for project management and bug tracking, and Team City for continous integration. I'm still getting used to it, but it's working great so far. This is a good free setup for small teams. Licensing Mingle and Team City will cost money for larger teams.


Seapine CM - Cross platform issue management and version control



For a lightweight & completely free option, you can use Springloops integrated with Basecamp (+ an SVN client).

Note: SpringLoops integration with Basecamp is not available in their free setup.


I develop on Linux also, which is one reason I came up with the solution I have. I was wondering how the SourceGear options work in this respect? I have used Vault before, which in my experience wasn't too bad, but I know it is mostly Windows based. I think I read at one point that they have a client that can work on Linux, but I have never used it. I just want to open the conversation up a little more, so people who come to this question can hopefully find the best answer for them, based on their wants.

If the Vault client can run on Linux and Mac and run well, then using Vault and Fortress will definitely be the accepted answer as a good low cost alternative to Team System.


SVN with the TortoiseSVN add-on makes for a solid and easy to use interface. WinMerge is a great tool to thrown in that mix as well.

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