W/CursorWindow(15677): Window is full: requested allocation 2195889 bytes, free space 2096720 bytes, window size 2097152 bytes

I know there is app memory avaliable:

D/dalvikvm(15677): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 9K, 30% free 17050K/24291K, paused 45ms

So its purely to do with the cursor size window, when Reading blob into byte[].

Im using the built in method to read blobs from a cursor.

        c = rdb.query("Photos", new String[]{"photo"}, "id = ?", new String[]{""+photoID}, null, null, null);
            byte[] tArray = c.getBlob(c.getColumnIndex("photo")); // THIS LINE ERRORS
    }catch(Exception e)

    return tArray;

Is there a way around this? The window size seems to be limited to 2097152 bytes.


It seems that the best way around this is to store the Photo on the SDCard, and save the URI in the DB.

While I wanted to avoid this, it's not too bad, and is much more stable.

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