In my main function I create an array of objects of a certain class "Menu"

And when I call a function I want to provide a pointer to that array.

Menu menu[2];
// Create menu [0], [1]

Question: What is the correct way to write the Function parameters?

I try:


and in Header file:

void Function(Menu *menu[]); // not working
error: Cannot convert parameter 1 from Menu(*)[2] to Menu *[]

void Function(Menu * menu); // not working
error: Cannot convert parameter 1 from Menu(*)[2] to Menu *[]

and I can't come up with any other way to do this and I can't find a solution to this particular problem.

Simply, I want to be able to access the Menu array within the function through a pointer. What are the difference in normal pointer to a pointer to an array?



void Function(Menu* a_menus); // Arrays decay to pointers.



However, you would need to inform Function() how many entries are in the array. As this is C++ suggest using std::array or std::vector which have knowledge of their size, beginning and end:

std::vector<Menu> menus;


void Function(const std::vector<Menu>& a_menus)
                  [](const Menu& a_menu)
                      // Use a_menu

Either by const or non-const pointer

void Function(Menu const* menu);
void Function(Menu* menu);

...or by const or non-const reference

void Function(Menu const (&menu)[2]);
void Function(Menu (&menu)[2]);

which can be generalized to a template so that the array size will be deduced by the compiler:

template<size_t N> void Function(Menu const (&menu)[N]);
template<size_t N> void Function(Menu (&menu)[N]);

Always call as Function(menu);


Should work if you use

 void Function(Menu * menu); 

and call using


instead of


passing the array name causes it to decay to a pointer to the type contained in the array. However, as @hmjd says in his answer you will also need to pass the array size, so his suggestion of using a vector is favourable if this option is open to you.


You can use

Function((void *) whatever_pointer_type_or_array_of_classes);

in your main.

And in the function:

type Function(void * whatever)
    your_type * x =(your_type *) whatever;
    //use x 

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