I am using MAMP 2.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 - This comes with the OpenSSL extention for PHP, however only version 0.9 - I need to upgrade it to 1.0 - however I'm not sure how I would go about such a task. Can anybody help?

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    upgrade mamp, or compile the extension yourself. that's not a particularly easy thing to do when you're using a pre-packaged version of PHP.
    – Marc B
    Aug 8, 2012 at 21:02
  • I am using the latest edition of MAMP
    – Mazatec
    Aug 8, 2012 at 21:05
  • Did you find some solution? I have same problem with MAMP 3.0.6 PHP 5.5.14 but OpenSSL only 0.9.8r... How I can update it plz? Feb 9, 2015 at 16:05
  • have you maybe found a solution for that? Dec 29, 2015 at 22:45
  • @MarcB: I'd like to try, so how could I do to re-compile the extension as you mentioned? Dec 29, 2015 at 23:04

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You can follow these instructions I got it from here

Upgrade Steps

1) Make sure you have XCode command line tools installed.

We are going to need a C compiler and other libraries to upgrade cURL. So fire up a Terminal which you will continue to use for each step in this documentation.

xcode-select --install

2) Install Homebrew's OpenSSL library

The goal is to compile cURL against the OpenSSL library offered by http://brew.sh, so if you do not have homebrew installed yet, follow the instructions on their website or, with caution, run this command:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Next, install the OpenSSL library:

brew install openssl

3) Check the cURL version included with MAMP

We just want to confirm which version of cURL we are using because we want to download and install the same version from the official cURL website, haxx.se

/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/curl-config --version
The command should return with version 7.43.0

Make sure to quit MAMP before completing the next steps!

4) Download cURL source

Download cURL's source code from the official site at curl.haxx.se/download or fetch it directly:

cd ~/Downloads
wget https://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.43.0.tar.gz

Next, extract the tarball and cd into the working directory

tar xzvf curl-7.43.0.tar.gz
cd curl-7.43.0

5) Download CA / Certificate bundles and extract into MAMP

cURL by default does not come with any CA files or bundles. You can find your own source, or download the ca-bundle.tgz file from this repository (https://github.com/lunr/mamp-curl-tls) and extract into MAMP:

tar xzvf ca-bundle.tgz -C /Applications/MAMP

6) Compile cURL

Execute the following configure command in the working directory of the cURL source code:

./configure --prefix=/Applications/MAMP/Library --with-ssl=/usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2g --with-ca-path=/Applications/MAMP/etc/openssl/certs --with-ca-bundle=/Applications/MAMP/etc/openssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt

This command is written specifically to build against homebrew's OpenSSL library and the CA bundle you downloaded in step 5. You can add your own options if you wish.

Once the command is complete, you should have output exactly like this:

curl version:     7.43.0
Host setup:       x86_64-apple-darwin15.4.0
Install prefix:   /Applications/MAMP/Library
Compiler:         gcc
SSL support:      enabled (OpenSSL)
SSH support:      no      (--with-libssh2)
zlib support:     enabled
GSS-API support:  no      (--with-gssapi)
TLS-SRP support:  enabled
resolver:         default (--enable-ares / --enable-threaded-resolver)
IPv6 support:     enabled
Unix sockets support: enabled
IDN support:      no      (--with-{libidn,winidn})
Build libcurl:    Shared=yes, Static=yes
Built-in manual:  enabled
--libcurl option: enabled (--disable-libcurl-option)
Verbose errors:   enabled (--disable-verbose)
SSPI support:     no      (--enable-sspi)
ca cert bundle:   /Applications/MAMP/etc/openssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt
ca cert path:     /Applications/MAMP/etc/openssl/certs
LDAP support:     enabled (OpenLDAP)
LDAPS support:    enabled
RTSP support:     enabled
RTMP support:     no      (--with-librtmp)
metalink support: no      (--with-libmetalink)
HTTP2 support:    disabled (--with-nghttp2)

Specifically, review the lines Install prefix and ca cert path and ca cert bundle and confirm they are pointing to MAMP's directory.

If so, continue, else, something was incorrect about the configure command

7) Install new cURL library

make && make install

8) Restart MAMP and confirm OpenSSL version

Open the MAMP application and start the servers. You can use phpinfo() to confirm the OpenSSL version under the curl section of phpinfo(). It should read SSL Version: OpenSSL/1.0.2g

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    Thanks for comment, I changed it
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  • this answer rocks! very detailed and did the trick for me. Thanks! Mar 29, 2019 at 20:40

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