Please help me with the following:

My website shows, when chossing a category, the corresponding sub-categories, and the message "there are no products in this category". This happens while drilling-down until one arrives to the lower level sub-category.

I would like to show all the products of its sub-categories instead.

How can I do this please?

Thanks a lot for your advice,


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Open /controllers/CategoryController.php and add the below code to the process() method, notice the comments telling you where to start and end adding code

public function process()
            if ($this->category->id != 1)

            /* MODIFICATION STARTS HERE */  
            if(!(isset($this->cat_products) AND $this->cat_products) ){ 
                foreach($subCategories as $k=>$v){

            /* MODIFICATION ENDS HERE */    

            self::$smarty->assign(array( ...

Then Open Up classes/Category.php and change the line for the WHERE CLAUSE of the SQL query inside public function getProducts from

    WHERE cp.`id_category` = '.(int)$this->id.($active ? ' AND p.`active` = 1' : '').'


    WHERE cp.`id_category` '.(is_array($this->id)?" IN(".implode(',',$this->id).") ": "=".(int)$this->id).($active ? ' AND p.`active` = 1' : '').'
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You don't have to change anything to achieve this.

Simply assign product to not only subcategory it is in, but aswell to parent categories (in product edit in BO).

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  • Any way to do this automatically? – manuel-84 Jun 6 '18 at 17:49

You can also just install the Layered Navigation Module (blocklayered). The default behaviour of this module is to show the subcategories products, even if the selector-widget is not visible/active on the pages.

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In the categoryController.php, you can find the process() method. That's the one that get all the informations displayed on the category pages. You will find a variable (I think it's called $cat_product if my memory is good) that stores all the products. You can easily check if it is empty or not. Then from here you just have to get the subcategories (there is a method for this in the category class) and then get the product of these categories (there is also a method to get the products of a category). That's just the logic you have to follow and after all the code you need is already in the framework.

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Very simple to add new category on main header menu, simply go to modules - Pos Megamenu Customer and add whatever you want.


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