I use the code below to get the width and height of a NSImage:

NSImage *image = [[[NSImage alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:[NSString stringWithFormat:s]] autorelease];
imageWidth=[image size].width;
imageHeight=[image size].height;

But sometime imageWidth, imageHeight does not return the correct value. For example when I read an image, the EXIF info displays:

PixelXDimension = 2272;
PixelYDimension = 1704;

But imageWidth, imageHeight outputs

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NSImage size method returns size information that is screen resolution dependent. To get the size represented in the actual file image you need to use an NSImageRep.

Refer nsimage-size-not-real-size-with-some-pictures link and get helped

  • Hii Price,in iOS How to get size information that is screen resolution dependent? Have you any idea? then plz help me. – Nikunj Aug 24 '13 at 12:05

Dimensions of your image in pixels is stored in NSImageRep of your image. If your file contains only one image, it will be like this:

NSImageRep *rep = [[image representations] objectAtIndex:0];
NSSize imageSize = NSMakeSize(rep.pixelsWide, rep.pixelsHigh);

where image is your NSImage and imageSize is your image size in pixels.

the direct API gives also the correct results

CGImageRef cgImage = [oldImage CGImageForProposedRect:nil context:context hints:nil];
size_t width = CGImageGetWidth(cgImage);
size_t height = CGImageGetHeight(cgImage);

Apple uses a point system based on DPI to map points to physical device pixels. It doesnt matter what the EXIF says, it matters how many logical screen points your canvas has to display the image.

iOS and OSX perform this mapping for you. The only size you should be concerned about is the size returned from UIImage.size

You cant (read shouldnt have to shouldnt care) do the mapping to device pixels yourself, thats why apple does it.

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