I'm using pjsua to create simple SIP UA. I need to insert custom body (SDP) in outgoing INVITE requests. As far as I know, pjsua does not support custom SDP, and I need to use more low-level API to do it. But for now I have to find any rude trick/hack/hotfix to insert custom SDP in pjsua-generated INVITE.

So that's the question: how could I do it?


The seemingly simple solution is to modify the pjsua source. The key is to create a pjmedia_session out of your custom SDP on code paths of both incoming and outgoing calls. You wanna look into pjsua_call_make_call(), pjsua_call_answer() and pjsua_call_get_media_session(). If my memory serves me right, SDP is not processed until a call is answered.

You will still have to learn the core pjsip library. After all, pjsua uses it. This solution is not exactly simple but fits the general definition of a hack. :)

  • Thank you, that's exactly what I did while was waiting for answers here) and it works. – pikkvile Aug 14 '12 at 10:33
  • @Doob pjmedia_sesison seems to be not available in pjsip 2.0 – onmyway133 Jan 29 '13 at 11:54

You have different ways to modify request's SDP body:

  1. You can build a custom request by using pjsip_endpt_create_request, and directly work with the pjsip_tx_data structure. In this case , you can use pjsip_msg_body_create (http://www.pjsip.org/pjsip/docs/html/group_PJSIP_MSG__BODY.htm) by passing type, subtype and your custom body as a pj_str_t pointer. The response of this function should be stored in pjsip_tx_data's field msg.body.

  2. On the other hand, if you're using a pjsua_msg_data structure, and you don't mind handling multiple bodies, you can store the response from pjsip_msg_body_create into a
    pjsip_multipart_part (specifically into the body field) and add it to multipart_parts field inside the pjsup_msg_data object.

  3. You can create your own media transport by using the pjsua's on_create_media_transport callback. This is a bit more complex but, by far, more flexible. You will be able to define several transport related callbacks (send_rtp, send_rtcp, etc.) and, if I remember right, one of them is called on SDP body encoding, allowing you to modify it or set your own.

Hope this helps.


If you use PJSUA2, you can use onCallSdpCreated() and on_call_sdp_created() to set custom sdp.

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